Phot-R P-Series Gradual Brown Filter

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Model Number: PPBRN-G

The Phot-R P-Series colour graduated filters are colour-toned in one half of the filter and have a smoothly graduated transition into the clear portion. Coloured and clear image portions can be brought into the desired position by adjusting the filter in the holder.

Graduated filters can help you to re-establish the balance between colours and reduce contrast between the different parts of your image.Control light and colour directly on your raw images at the time of shooting.

Phot-R colour graduated filters can also be combined with other Phot-R filters. Two colour graduated filters rotated 180 degrees to each other allow a composition of colours to fade into each other.

This filter measures 84 x 84mm and fits our Phot-R P-Series holder, buy this product by searching B00PW40L8Kin the search bar.

Special effect filter for photographers
Filter gradual colour, ideal for enhancing colours in one part of the picture
Has a smooth graduated transition into the clear portion
The graduated filters rotate 180 degree to each other, allowing composition of colours to fade into each other
Will fit our Phot-R P-Series Holder, B00PW40L8K

Type:Colour Filter

Please Note:Case is not included.

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