Phot-R Heavy Duty C-Stand with Boom Arm - Black

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Model Number: P-CS40BK

This is a stainless steel Phot-R Century Stand and Boom Arm Kit, a Complete C-Stand, which has multiple uses indoors, outdoors and in a professional photography or home studio environment. It’s a versatile heavy duty support system with a grip head and arm allowing for mounting and placement of gobos, small reflectors and small light fixtures. It can also be used for other equipment such as microphones, pop-up backgrounds, diffuser panels, studio lights, Kino Flo fluorescents and light blocking flags.

The stand is made of stainless steel with a black finish and has a total of 3 sections including two rising sections with a maximum height of 3.25m, a detachable turtle leg base and a 100cm extension arm which has a 1/4" thread on one end and a 3/8” on the other, plus 2 clamps to attach the arm. The large footprint and weight of the stand, ensures good balance even when suspending heavy equipment up to approximately 20kg.

Heavy duty C-Stand for supporting heavy equipment
Classic C-Stand with many uses in a home or professional Studio
Turtle Leg base for sturdy support, with detachable option allowing for hands on use when suspending equipment
High Quality Metal Components for strength and grip, that are highly adjustable for holding your equipment in any position you require

Minimum Height: 150cm
Maximum Height: 325cm
Weight: 8.25kg
Load Capacity: 20kg
Number of Sections: 3
Detachable Base: Yes
Arm Included: Yes
Arm Length: 100cm
Footprint Diameter: 75cm
Material: Steel
Colour: Black

Box Includes
1x 3-Section 3.25m C-Stand
1x Detachable Turtle Leg Base
1x 1m Extension Arm
2x Metal Clamps

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