Phot-R Telescopic Collapsible Reflector Holder

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Model Number: P51-RAH

The Phot-R Telescopic Collapsible Reflector Holder is ideal for mounting studio reflectors up to 67" (167cm) to a light stand. The holder mounts to any stand that has a 5/8" diameter top stud. It includes a 5/8" female stand adapter.

The holder extends from 66cm to 175cm so it can accommodate a wide range of reflectors. The 5/8" socket allows a threaded screw mount adapter (not included) to be fitted so it can be attached to tripods or light stands with a threaded screw.

Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty.


Barcode 0799705266148
Holder: Minimum Length
66cm (0.66m)
Holder: Maximum Length
175cm (1.75m)
Holder: Tube Diameter
Holder: Material
Swivel Head Clamp: Diamter (without hand grip)
Swivel Head Clamp: Height (without hand grip)
Swivel Head Clamp: Material Plastic
Number of Sections 3

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