Phot-R Video/Camera Shoulder Stabiliser

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Model Number: P-SPSH

The Phot-R Video/Camera Shoulder Stabiliser allows you to keep your DSLR or camcorder fixed on your shoulder and will enable you to steadily maneuver the camera, while keeping it focused on a subject.


The stabiliser is highly effective, as it wraps tight around your shoulder and balances against your chest, providing fixed steadiness. The shoulder mount and chest brace (the top and bottom parts) are connected by a strong spring-loaded mechanism that causes the two to firmly press against your body vertically, a shoulder strap wraps tightly around you horizontally.


The spring-load tension is adjustable by a knob on the side, and the shoulder strap is adjustable, so that both can be loosened, to a point at which hand support will be required. The tighter you set these, the more fixed the stabiliser will be on your shoulder, tight enough that you can operate the stabiliser hands-free. This is ideal if you're shooting an event, so you can rest your hands when there's nothing to shoot. Both the shoulder and chest components are foam padded and are made of high-density plastic.


Integrated at shoulder level is a camera baseplate. Included are a long plate that attaches to the baseplate and a riser that can attach to the long plate and bring the camera to eye level. 1/4" screws are included for attaching these to one another and for mounting a camera. The long plate will extend your camera out about 6", while also raising it about 1". The riser will raise your camera approximately 3". The riser features a mini quick-release plate that is removable with the flip of a lever. All the plates have rubber pads on them to better support the camera. The stabiliser folds in half and packs into a carrying bag.


  • Wraps tightly around your shoulder and keeps a camera fixed steady (but can also be loosened)
  • Enables steady handle of a camera, whether keeping it focused on a subject or panning
  • You can remove and rest your hands and the camera will securely sit on your shoulder
  • The shoulder and chest components are spring-loaded and press firmly against your body vertically
  • A shoulder straps wraps tightly around you horizontally
  • The spring-load tension can be loosened in various degrees and the shoulder strap is length adjustable
  • A camera baseplate is integrated, and a separate long plate and riser are included
  • The riser features a quick-release mini camera plate that comes off at the flip of a lever

Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty.

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