Phot-R 1.6 x 2.1m Non-Woven Backdrop - White

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Model Number: P-NW16X21WH

The Phot-R 1.6 x 2.1m Non-Woven Backdrop - White is a cost effective and portable alternative to 100% Cotton muslin studio backdrops. These backgrounds are made out of Non-Woven polypropylene, a recyclable plastic fabric which is both strong and extremely lightweight. They are a very handy studio backdrop to carry and will put no stress on a weak support frame.

This high-quality Non-Woven Backdrop is ideal for studio and portrait shooting and the seamless surface helps to soak up all the light without causing a reflection. Use Muslin Clip Clamps to attach this background to your crossbar just type in ASIN number B01AI2BVF2 into the search bar. The backdrop can be washed and ironed (on its lowest setting), it is also ECO friendly. It is easier to use than other materials due to the ease of cleaning. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Please note:Non-Woven backdrops will be folded due to transport limitations. For this reason, we would advise dampening a clean cloth and running over the creases to create as smooth of a surface as possible.

If this fails, Non-Woven backdrops can be ironed using the LOWEST heat setting, with a damp towel or cloth between the iron and backdrop. This will help to remove any further creases. Extreme caution must be taken with the heat setting when using an iron for Non-Woven backdrops - permanent damage can be caused to your backdrop if the heat is too intense - Phot-R accepts no responsibility for damage caused to your products.

This backdrop is large enough for most photographic occasions such as shoots for full portrait shots of small groups of people, web retailers and commercial product catalogues
Made from Non-Woven material it is ecological-friendly and a cost effective alternative to 100% Cotton Muslin. It is non-reflective and easier to handle and maintain. Helps to bounce the light and help brighten everything up. Can also help brighter colours, such as red and orange, stand out more.
Can be washed and ironed when on its lowest setting. To remove any dirt, use a damp cloth and to get rid of any creases you can iron the backdrop when using the lowest setting and a damp cloth between the backdrop and
Please Note:Background Stand is NOT included but can be purchased separately from us. Just type in ASIN number B015OVMMNM into the search bar.
Purchase our Muslin Clip Clamps to attach this background to your crossbar just type in ASIN number B01AI2BVF2 into the search bar.

Dimensions:1.6m x 2.1m

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