Phot-R Flat Adhesive Mounts for GoPro Hero

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Model Number: P-GPQR-S

This listing is for 1x Flat Adhesive Mount.

The Phot-R Flat Adhesive Mounts are compatible with the GoPro HERO cameras. With these waterproof adhesive mounts, you'll be able to attach your GoPro camera to flat surfaces. Plus, the mounts can be removed with heat from a hairdryer.

-Attach GoPro camera to flat surfaces
-Industrial-strength, waterproof adhesive mounts
-Easily removed when heat from a hairdryer is applied

Is compatible with GoPro HERO cameras
These double-sided mounts can be attach your GoPro camera to any flat surface
Can be removed by heating adhesive bond with a hair dryer then peeling off mount
Industrial-strength, waterproof adhesive mounts

Type:Flat Mount
For use with:GoPro Hero
Fitment Type:Adhesive Sticker

Phot-R products come with a 1 year limited warranty.

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