Phot-R 900 Quick Flip Camera Flash Bracket

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Model Number: P-FB900

The Phot-R 900 quick flip camera flash bracket can be mounted on the bottom of a TLR, SLR, rangefinder or any other camera that does not come equipped with a shoe. Screws into the tripod socket of the camera to create a shoe mount and handle.

Quick Flip is the most economical flash-rotating bracket. Quick Flip models offer high value, compact size, light weight and fast handling. No wonder they're the best-selling brackets on the market. Although lower in price than some brackets, they share the same quality materials and construction. The Quick Flip accepts all 35mm cameras except those with large, accessory battery packs or motor drives).

All Quick Flip Flash brackets have a pivoting flash arm that keeps the flash over the lens in both horizontal and vertical positions. They have a comfortable foam grip and a tripod mountable base. They allow the user to shoot or advance film as if no bracket were attached. The accessory shoe can be unscrewed so you can mount your flash cable and make dedicated functions flash.

Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty.

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