Phot-R Octagon 95cm Softbox - Bowens Mount

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Model Number: P-95BW

This Phot-R Professional Folding Octagon Softbox 95cm - Black/Silver is an 8-sided softbox which is designed to offer the ultimate in soft light with consistent edge-to-edge coverage. The softbox comes with a Bowens Fit Speedring.

Inside it is a reflect silver colour and comes with a front translucent diffuser, great for speedlites, mono light, strobe or slaves. Quick and easy way to produce beautiful diffused light, especially designed for speedlites and strobes.

At every stage in softbox fabrication, we have chosen materials which insure consistent performance and durability. Fluorescent dyes, which cause a blue colour shift, have been avoided in their construction. UV coating has been employed for colour consistency while special heat-resistant materials expand the capabilities of these strobe boxes to allow use of hot lights up to 650W. Waterproofing not only makes for easy maintenance, but prevents fading and discolouration, ensuring colour consistency over time. It also has an all metal high quality construction and also the added benefit of built in slave devices - so no messy wires.

A must have for location shooting Independent mono-bloc flash heads designed for digital and film cameras. There is plenty of power for small portrait and commercial work.

The unique shape and large surface area of these softboxes creates natural catchlights in the eyes, making them ideal for head and shoulders portraiture. They offer light output, with a slimmer profile to accommodate space constraints.

Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty.


Barcode 0799705265523
95cm (37.4")
Exterior Colour Black
Interior Colour Silver
Accepts Grids Yes
Removable Front Diffuser Yes
Removable Inner Diffuser Yes
Speedring Includes Bowens Speedring
Shape Ocatagonal
Shaft Yes

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