Phot-R Cotton Musin Backdrop Kits (2 x 3m, 3 x 6m Black + Green + White)

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Model Number: P-2X3C-KIT-3

Phot-R 2 x 3m Background Support System consists of 2 fully adjustable stands and a four-piece crossbar, made from aluminium for strength and portability. The system is finished in black to prevent any unwanted reflections and can support either textile or paper backgrounds up to 3m wide. Total weight should be distributed evenly across the length of the crossbar. The system assembles in seconds and can be adjusted in height up to 2m. Width can be altered by removing sections of the crossbar. Each section of the crossbar locks together by means of a fluted male/female joint. Phot-R 3m x 6m Cotton Muslin Backdrop is a professional quality seamless 100% cotton muslin backdrop where all the edges are hemmed to prevent fraying and there is a large pocket along one edge for easy mounting onto a background support stand. This backdrop is also large enough to shoot full portrait shots of a single person and can provide a full background for a variety of poses. The backdrop is the ideal size for full body shots and large product shots and the cloth can be back or front lit to achieve a variety of effects. It is perfect for item or product photography as well, to help market your own business, for example cakes, products, parts, electronics, generally selling items or for personal use. Muslin backdrops absorb the light and help eliminate reflections. The well-proportioned cotton grain filtrates other colours or lights. Backdrop has great colour saturation, it never fades and is very easy to store and wash.

With this kit you can set up your very own photo studio at home or in the office within minutes. Suitable for all level photographers from amateurs to professionals. It is large enough for most photographic occasions such as shoots for full portrait shots of small groups of people.
Our fully adjustable stands are made from aluminium alloy great for strength and portability. They are lightweight and extremely easy to set up. Easily adjust the width by removing one of the four-section telescopic crossbars.
Backdrops included are made from 100% Cotton Muslin making it very easy to iron. It absorbs the light and helps eliminate reflections. The well-proportioned cotton grain filtrates other colours or lights.Has a large pocket along one of the edges so you can mount onto background support stand.
Portable design, high quality and durable. Fits all items perfectly into the carry case that is included making it ideal for transporting to different locations outside your studio.
Muslin Clamps that have been included has sturdy grips that adjust the grip surface. Can hold in place the backgrounds and other items such as cables and support poles.The clamps have a rubber coating over the jaws of the clamp, so you can safely and confidently use them on all your expensive studio equipment.

Backdrop Specifications:
Material:Non- Woven
Size:3m x 6m
Colours:Black, White and Green

Support System Specifications:

Kit Includes:
3x 3m x 6m Non-Woven Backdrops (Black, Green & White)
2x 2m Light Stands
1x 3m Cross Bar (4 pieces)
3x Muslin Clips
1x Carry Case
Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty.

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