Phot-R Non-Woven Backdrop Kits (2 x 2.6m, 1.6 x 3m Black + Green + White)

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Model Number: P-2X226NW-KIT-4

The Phot-R 2 x 2.26m Background Support System consists of 2 fully adjustable stands and a three-piece crossbar, made from aluminium for strength and portability. The system is finished in black to prevent unwanted reflections and can support either textile or paper backgrounds up to 2.26m wide. Total weight should be distributed across the length of the crossbar.

The system can be adjusted in height up to 2m. Width can be altered by removing sections of the crossbar. Each section of the crossbar locks together by means of a fluted male/female joint.

The Phot-R 1.6 x 3m Non-Woven Backdrop is a cost effective and portable alternative to muslin studio backdrops. These backgrounds are made out of non-woven polypropylene, a recyclable plastic fabric which is both strong and extremely lightweight. They are a very handy studio backdrop to carry.

The high-quality Non-Woven Backdrop is ideal for studio and portrait shooting, and the seamless surface helps to soak up all the light without causing a reflection. It is easier to use than other materials due to the ease of cleaning. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Please note: Non-Woven backdrops will be creased due to transport limitations.  For this reason, we would advise dampening a clean cloth and running over the creases to create as smooth a surface as possible.

Non-Woven backdrops can be ironed using the LOWEST heat setting, with a damp towel or cloth between the iron and backdrop.  This will help to remove any further creases.  Extreme caution must be taken with the heat setting when using an iron for backdrops – permanent damage can be caused to your backdrop if the heat is too intense - Phot-R accepts no responsibility for damage caused to your products.

Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty.

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