Phot-R 2 x 2.26m Backdrop Support System

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Model Number: P-2X226BS

The Phot-R 2 x 2.26m Background Support System consists of 2 fully adjustable stands and a three-piece crossbar, made from aluminium for strength and portability. The system is finished in black to prevent unwanted reflections and can support either textile or paper backgrounds up to 2.26m wide. Total weight should be distributed across the length of the crossbar.

The system assembles in seconds and can be adjusted in height up to 2m. Width can be altered by removing sections of the crossbar. Each section of the crossbar locks together by means of a fluted male/female joint.

Included with the Phot-R Background Support System is a carry bag which can hold 2 stands and the crossbar.

What's included:
2x 2m Stands
1x 2.26m Crossbar
1x Background Support Carry Bag

Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty.


Barcode 0799705268449
Light Stand Maximum Height 2m
Light Stand Minimum Height 68cm
Crossbar Width 1.5-2.26m
Crossbar Sections 3
For use with Backgrounds/Backdrops from 1.5m to 2.26m wide

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