Phot-R Octagon Softbox - A Recommended Purchase

At Phot-R we love to hear what you think of our products and we are proud to say that Dominik Geisler a German Photographer and media designer has reviewed our 80 cm 31.5-Inch Octagon Folding Umbrella Softbox. (Bowens S-Type Mount Speedring).

Check it out for yourself here.

Phot-R Review by Dominik Geisler

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For some years now I have used the popular JinBeiK90 for my studio flash softbox. Actually, I should say that I did not use it. It was just too big for my little home studio with it being 90cm in diameter. I have never been able to find something that compares but is more compact. Until recently…

By chance I was on amazon and encountered an octagonal softbox. The price at the time was just 36 Euro (£38.00). That price was promising so I wanted to scroll further. For pure interest I then read the reviews, which were almost all consistently positive and I was therefore intrigued.

Two days later the softbox had already been delivered, assembled and I had my first photoshoot with it. What can I say? I am so excited. The softbox comes in a simple cardboard box that has a “Phot-R” imprint. I then googled and found that “Phot-R” is a UK manufacturer of studio accessories. At the time I had not heard of it.

They are available in several sizes from 80cm to 150cm, also with a grid and Bowens connection. (Those without Bowens can find that the correct adapter online).

When I was unpacking I realised that the softbox material was very high quality. The material is by no means thin or translucent which I would expect from a product that is such good value for money. The seams are without any blemishes, the Bowens ring is well polished and has no sharp or protruding edges. The softbox Stretches just like an umbrella. The first inner diffuser can be easily fixed to prefabricated eyelets. The second diffuser is then simply attached by the Velcro provided.

This structure takes less than a couple of minutes to construct and it’s just as fast to collapse and take it with you on your travels. In regards to the light output I notice no difference compared to the 90cm Jinbei. I am a big fan of the type of light that the Phot-R softbox produces and can recommend it to anyone. Those who want to take the softbox On Location can easily transport it as a bag is also supplied.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. The Octagon softbox from Phot-R I fully recommend and would say that it is obligatory for every studio photographer who does not want to spend hundreds of Euros on accessories. Of course, I only tested the 80cm version, but imagine that the other versions are of the same.

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