Photography Spotlight; Steve Ellis

How did you get into Photography?

  • I was 12 years old, shopping with my parents at the time and out of the corner of my eye saw this stunning black and white fashion photograph; it just so happened to be Vogue. I was hooked.

How important is your photography kit?

  • ‘You touch it, you die’

What piece of kit couln't you live without?

Definitely my Nikon D800 - It is just so perfect - the ISO performance (low and high ends), the handling and of course bucket loads of pixels.

Must have piece of equipment on budget?

An eye for an imagine - honestly it isn’t about the kit that is used, I’ve seen some incredible shots that’ve been shot using an iPhone 6! It’s madness.

Top budget saving tips

Ebay - you can grab some real bargains for camera bodies (look for lower actuations) and lenses. Start small, use, sell and replace. You’ll soon be in a continuous upgrade path with a lot less investment than what goes into high street retailers.

Ultimate three tips for budding photographers?

  1. Shoot when you have a passion about, it’ll keep stoking your interest to try new things without getting deflated.

  2. Get it 95% right ‘in camera’ it’ll save you hours with Photoshop.

  3. Use Social Media as much as you can, not only to post your work for feedback, but to also look at other professionals who work in your genre for inspriation and ideas.

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