Kate Middleton – Tiaras and Tripods

The fairy tale that was Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding back in 2011 ignited new found love for the royals and propelled them back to the forefront of the English Tabloids.Read more

Phot-R Octagon Softbox - A Recommended Purchase

At Phot-R we love to hear what you think of our products and we are proud to say that Dominik Geisler a German Photographer and media designer has reviewed our 80 cm 31.5-Inch Octagon Folding Umbrella Softbox. (Bowens S-Type Mount Speedring).Read more

Reflecting on 2016

A big thank you to those that have kept us very busy over the Christmas period! Late nights, non-stop shifts and reams of packing tape was all worth it to get your Phot-R products under your tree in time for Christmas.Read more

Photography Spotlight; Steve Ellis

How did you get into Photography? I was 12 years old, shopping with my parents at the time and out of the corner of my eye saw this stunning black and white fashion photograph; it just so happened to be Vogue. I was hooked. Read more
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